I noticed the device showcased in today’s comic at one of my numerous recent visits to an airport. It is a fearsome device, which I imagine would require only rudimentary alterations in order to be converted for a more nefarious purpose than dispatching moisture. Whatever happened to the simplicity of the paper towel?

Aside from spending an inordinate amount of time sleeping, I accomplished very little during yesterday’s portion of my visit in the Boston area. I suppose eating counts for something. But then with consideration of the weekend as a whole I did little more than alternate between eating, reading George R.R. Martin’s latest entry in A Song of Ice and Fire, and sleeping. Saturday was slightly more eventful, with a journey around Boston proper feasting at many of my favorite restaurants and reading on the Common and on buses and trains. Wushu class will crown my visit tonight. Between sparring and forms, anything can happen.

I have lost track of the time since I first saw the motion comic trailer to Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men appear on the internet. I searched and searched for more, but found nothing until I noticed it on Netflix’s streaming service today. Hulu shows air back in 2009, but maybe you missed them as I did. Either way, here they are. Six episodes is hardly satisfying enough, but it at least finishes the basic Gifted story arc. The animation style is rather strange, but it works well enough and is paired with good art and fantastic writing, delivered by high quality voice actors. Writing is paramount. Mr. Whedon could have used stick figure X-Men and I would have still loved the series. Since further entries in the motion comic translation are unlikely, I will soon be moved to acquire the print version. I suppose that is the main purpose of the motion comic, but I hope someday the medium will find a life of its own.