The euphemism here is plain enough. I really feel like we’re starting to branch out in our humor. Where we will go next, I have no idea. Maybe I have a little concept. The comic is drawn from a real conversation, but since my goal in said exchange was to make the woman laugh uncomfortably, it can hardly be considered genuine. It is as though I wrote the comic while conversing. Since it happens that the discussion occurred in instant messenger, it was fairly easy to record the transcript for comic usage.

In the movie Fight Club, Edward Norton proposes this idea of single serving friends being people met on airplanes. It’s a simple concept. The likelihood of ever seeing one such person again is miniscule. Until recently, I had never discovered such a person. Now I have found one on two consecutive trips. The fascinating aspect of these people is not their variety of geographic locations, but the fact that you can say pretty much anything you want to them without fear of repercussions. They are good test subjects for humor. Better than family and friends, since they will not fake laughter to make you feel better.

In my last trip, conversation with the person next to me on the flight turned to the most interesting topics. Conversations occurred which I do not think I would have with any other human being. I am uncertain if that is a problem with my mental state, or if it is just a sign of how far beyond normal topic we went. The depth of the conversation was impressive. It was a bit like therapy.