The changes between Infamous and its sequel were at times subtle and at other times not quite so. Given long enough time, old character designs are forgotten, and new powers feel familiar. The changes in motivations for good and evil actions, however, jump right up in your face at every turn. In the original game the reason to be evil was based solely on expedience. It is easier to kill a bunch of people than it is to try to save them. Cole receives energy for sucking the live out of innocent or foe alike, but nothing but good karma for healing or capturing them respectively. Now they have stumbled upon a quite different advantage to evil deeds. What we do not mention in today’s comic is that there is also a heroic quasi-romantic interest who tries to convince you to be a paragon for the city and win the hearts and minds of its people. She takes a much more reserved approach when compared to the blatant sexual advances of her evil inverse.

The Internets are have been all a buzz with discussion of Google Plus this past week. Despite the excitement of internet denizens, I am given pause to wonder if there is any reason to have another social network to check and update daily. Maintaining additional networks is tedious and cumbersome, but I think Google Plus has a few functions that give it the much needed edge to possibly topple its entrenched competition. The new network borrows the freedom of communication from Twitter, while including Facebook’s more robust picture and video sharing functions, and its own brand of directed sharing. Difficulty controlling who you share information with has ever been a major downfall of Facebook. The capability is there, but the implementation makes the task of configuring each post a daunting one.

In another episode of the campaign by Netflix to put their streaming software on every device ever, an update will be found on the 3DS eShop tomorrow that will give its users access to the Netflix streaming movie library. This might be a boon to those few who do not already possess one of the myriad devices that already provides this service. For myself, if the temptation arose to stream Netflix to a device that did not display its video on a television, I would likely use a 3G device such as an iPhone. Streaming video to a portable is not something that I am wont to do within reach of a hotspot. Please have Netflix call me when they start streaming 3D content to the 3DS. Though it’s likely that they will try to raid my bank accounts in return for that service as well.