I’m writing this blog post in a novel new way: typing on my iPad in Notes, then airdropping it to my iPhone and pasting it into Safari. It’s not too much more complicated than just using the iPhone and I get the advantage of the big screen and keyboard of the iPad.

This is actually my first time even using AirDrop. I can’t imagine another use for it. When sending pictures or messages to other people, it seems equally convenient to just use email or text. Maybe it’s the same for sending stuff to yourself using email. The only thing you really save is data. It seems like very little to worry about.

In terms of video games, it was a day of mixed results. We went to the best game store ever today, Pastime Legends, and finally picked up a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver. Or at least it usually is the best game store, but today was touch and go.

The first encounter was excellent, with the best price I’ve seen on Soul Silver. And the register guy was quite nice, even after getting yelled at by an idiot customer.

The problem came at the second store we went to, where we decided we wanted to buy Dead Space 3. We were told the register was out of paper for receipts, so we couldn’t buy anything at all.

This seemed like a load of bullshit. You’d think he could write a receipt on anything, or offer to sell it to us without one. We’re leaving town tonight, so we’re not planning on returning it.