There is very little that would surprise me at this point, with regards to Disney’s upcoming set of Star Wars movies. If they told us that the new movies would be a musical play within a play wherein the Rebels try to save a base by raising money in a telethon, I would just shrug.

That they are discarding everything that happened in the novels, some of which I hold very dear, is the least surprising news of all.

The Expanded Universe covers nearly every second of Star Wars history, from before the prequels, in between the various movies, and until 20 to 30 years (probably more now) after Return of the Jedi. If they were to acknowledge the existence of this canon, there would be hardly anywhere in the timeline to put the new movies.

Not only that, but a lot of crazy stuff happened in those books. Numerous planets and solar systems were destroyed. Significant characters died. It would weaken the significance of the events of the new films to refer to such important events as background information.

I do also wonder if they can ignore certain aspects of the other movies though. I am particularly referring to the Special Editions alternate ending, in which we see riots occurring on other planets, one of which appears to be the Imperial Capital.

The idea that the Empire was finished the day the second Death Star exploded is ludicrous, and I sincerely hope that it is not completely gone during the events of these new Star Wars movies. Evil Empire vs Ragtag Rebels beats Political Intrigue and Melodrama any day of the week.