I was in the process of moving when I locked myself out of the apartment, for the first and last time. I did in fact leave the balcony door open, and I considered attempting to climb the side of the building, but it seemed a little too stupid for me. I can certainly imagine someone who would attempt such heroics though, and I have called on him for our latest comic.

Nintendo’s new Wii U system still holds the greatest potential, despite the lack of certain first party properties. Nintendo Land is the system’s demonstrative software. It will give us the chance to experiment with all the new features. The games announced thus far are not exactly system sellers, but it’s a start.

I’m still holding out hope that Battle Mii tech demo from last year’s E3 will make an appearance. It’s competitive play would complement the Legend of Zelda type game Battle Quest’s cooperative monster mashing. They’d probably want to change the name, of course, as Battle Mii and Battle Quest are awfully similar.

None of this will matter till the holiday though. Now that E3 is over, the gaming world can go back to it’s regularly scheduled programming. We’re only just starting the Summer drought though. I’m sure development teams are hard at work, but we won’t see much of anything until the Fall comes around. I don’t mind. It gives me some time to play through some old games. I am still in the middle of Odin Sphere. There appear to be 5 books, and I am nearing the end of the third.

It is a little bit tedious, since some battles are extremely difficult and take numerous attempts. I also feel like I’m replaying the same game several times to experience different stories, as the areas and most of the bosses are shared across the same characters. I’ve come too far now though. I need to finish this damn game.