You’ll learn the full story eventually. It might just be sooner than you think. This is experimental, so we’ll see how it pans out and go from there. We reserve the right to abort or alter continuity at any time.

Last week, we put out a comic describing our scheme to create a left-hand friendly 3DS for Kid Icarus: Uprising. I had my suspicions as to the effectiveness of the Circle Pad Pro in this matter, and it turns out I was half correct. The Circle Pad Pro will in fact allow lefties to play Kid Icarus with more comfort, but it will not support dual analog controls. Such controls would radically change the playing experience, removing the touch screen from the equation. I can see how dual analog controls would be slower when compared to the touch screen aiming, but I think the control scheme would be more comfortable, which is an attribute that certainly contains value. Even with the ability to use the stylus left-handed, I think the controls will be somewhat cumbersome.

Sony’s handheld is nearing release, with the dual analog controls built into the design. The optional 3G feature is going to be costly, at a $50 premium for the 3G hardware and service plans of the same tiers as AT&Ts cellular phone data plans. $15-25 a month seems a bit much considering that I’m already paying that for my iPhone’s data plan. It would still be cheaper to pay for tethering and stick with the Wi-Fi only model (and free to jailbreak the iPhone and tether it that way). I can’t justify paying for data plans on two devices, particularly when I don’t even approach the 2 gig limit on one of them. Perhaps if AT&T offered a plan in which the devices could share a single data line, I might reconsider.