It is my goal in Deus Ex to be a terror in the night. Stacking upgrade after upgrade onto the standard pistol goes a long way towards accomplishing this end. With a laser sight and silencer it is a simple matter to sneak around executing foes with bullets to the head. The AI is at times smart enough to seek out my location once the alarm has been sounded, but more often than not they just run to their fallen comrade’s side, allowing me to take down each enemy in turn. Certain activities, such as hacking a computer terminal, will cause otherwise neutral NPCs to become aggressive and eventually start shooting. I find it odd, however, that crawling into vents does not even pique their curiosity. Is this sort of behavior so commonplace among visitors to the Police Station?

Much of our time at PAX was spent waiting in line for various panels and shows, which afforded me plenty of time to read and smack around beach balls which were tossed into the crowd. Balancing these activities was difficult, but I managed to keep one hand on my book and one hand free for self defense. At one point we seemed to sit in a gravity well which drew all of the beach balls towards us, which became tiresome after a fashion. I will keep qualifying the term “ball”, else I find myself in some twisted double entendre.

The waiting time allowed me to get a fair portion of A Feast for Crows completed. I should probably slow down. At some point I am going to be waiting for George R.R. Martin to write another book. Patience is a virtue, but it sucks. Anyway, we did play some video games this weekend.

We waited 40 minutes for the Borderlands 2 demonstration, which seems like a long time to wait to watch someone else play a game. It is. However, the fervor with which the 2K girl presented the game was infectious and the new features are so far quite awesome. The upgraded AI is certainly the most important aspect, but I would also place emphasis on the gun that is thrown away when each clip is emptied and can be used as a grenade. It is this type of thing that makes Gearbox special.