When the news of GameStop’s treachery dropped yesterday we moved swiftly to direct our own arsenal upon the retail giant. It has never been my favorite store, but being located adjacent to my favorite cafe slash proprietor of joy is a major draw. That and the staff at my local store is nice likes to talk about games. I cannot fault them for working for an evil corporation. After all, I sold my soul long ago. Who knows if that is even required as part of their contract of employment?

I did go into GameStop yesterday and pick up a copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, regardless of my outrage. I did not, however, brooch the topic of the removed coupon codes. I like the people who work there and I would generally prefer to avoid causing them any trouble. The walls have ears. Besides, once GameStop officially responded and Square Enix followed suit, little more information could be gleaned on the issue. We got our licks in, so it is time to move on.

Deus Ex in itself is a fantastic game so far. There are a number of possible ways to play it, but I think “Silent Death” best describes the most effective one. Any sort of noise will apprise enemies of your location and you will die quickly in the ensuing firefight. There are actually a great many things which will alert enemies to your presence, not the least of which is stumbling across the corpse of one of their comrades. That you can drag these lifeless bodies away and stack them in the Women’s Bathroom adds an unexpected facet of realism to the genre. The game certainly has a steep learning curve for one uninitiated in its mechanics. I am finding it to be an enjoyable challenge, however, and each death affords a fresh chance to attempt a different tactic. As a last resort, finding decent cover and shooting everyone in the head works well enough.