Ryan got PAX tickets for Monday of all times, but you really had to take what you can get. I don’t know when the singularity occurred that caused them to go from selling out in a month or so to selling out instantaneously at all locations, but I blame Skynet.

I wasn’t exactly planning to go anyway. We have Comic Con coming in San Diego this summer and that is plenty for me. Comic Con is a bit more eclectic and has minimal video game related stuff to play, but procuring the Comic Con passes as creative professionals was like stealing candy from a baby when compared to getting PAX passes as a consumer. Mmmmmm candy.

It’s been a few years since I’ve hit a PAX convention though, so I intend to clock the next one right in the face. PAX East has close proximity to a number of good friends of mine, and is somewhat not as far from my family as my current location, so it is a sensible choice for me.

I plan to be prepared when those tickets go on sale, and the easiest way to do that is to turn on notifications to my iPhone for the PAX Twitter feed. When they Tweet, I will be there.