Originally we were going to say something about Paul Anderson not needing the help, being engaged to a model, but after reviewing with Ryan, we changed our collective mind. The Resident Evil movies do not make Milla Jovovich look particularly sexy. Maybe he’s got a thing for zombies though. That’s really besides the point though. A terrible movie franchise does not generally hit its stride at number five.

Resident Evil may be the most successful film adaptation in video game history, but that’s not really saying anything.

While watching the E3 press conferences, I noticed a definite trend, one that has not changed in many years. Most of the titles shown were part of well established series: God of War, Gears of War, Halo, Pikmin, and Mario. The list goes on. There were, however, a few entirely new ideas in the mix, and those have found a firm position in my front view.

Sony has several excellent exclusive studios working for them. Studios that don’t just churn out first person shooters year after year. Naughty Dog made the Uncharted series incredible, but I did wonder what they were going to do when they ran out of fake ancient civilizations to explore.

The Last of Us is the answer. It looks a lot like Uncharted meets Zombieland with monsters. I love all of those things. Post apocalyptic landscapes (see the above Resident Evil franchise) have become somewhat trendy in entertainment, but few enough are compelling that I am still amazed when one comes along and looks this good.

Then Sony has Quantic Dream. They hadn’t done much with success until Heavy Rain, but that game did a fantastic job of telling a thrilling story and making me like quicktime events. Instead of going the easy route to Cash Town and making Heavy Rain 2, they anted up with Beyond: Two Souls. And they hired Ellen Page to kick ass and take names. I have enjoyed everything she did since, but not including, X-Men: The Last Stand. Hell, I actually liked her part in that as Kitty Pride. It’s not her fault the movie was terrible.

Beyond: Two Souls looks intense, but little has been revealed about the gameplay or whether this will mark the return of the quicktime events. We’ll just have to wait to see. Both of these games are on the 2013 list, as much of E3’s showing was. I’m going to have to recalibrate to figure out what I will be playing in the much nearer future.