Griffith Observatory has an excellent view of the setting sun over LA. Apparently, the sunset on the autumnal equinox is something of a big deal there, because it was far more crowded than normal. Parking is difficult on the best of days. On September 22nd, we had to walk nearly a mile from our car to reach the observatory.

Most of what Globe Man had to say involved 3rd grade science lessons. There were a few pieces of information that were new to me. The one that most caught my attention was that the day of the equinox is actually not exactly equal light and darkness. It seems the sun still being viewable for a short time after it descends below the horizon. My understanding of all science is apparently built on a lie.

The information being not exactly riveting, we decided to improve on it. Anyway, I didn’t intend for today’s blog to turn into a science class. I’ve had other things on my mind.

If you’re a fan of zombies, Netflix may have already emailed you about this, but the service added The Walking Dead season 2 over the weekend. I’ve been trying to balance my time between that, catching up on Warehouse 13, and forging ahead in Borderlands 2. As a result, none of those things are exactly nearing completion.

I am making progress on a Halloween story, which we will run towards the end of this month. It will chill you to the bone. OOooooOoooOOoo.