A short post today, because I spent a large portion of last night trapped in a world without internets, hurtling through the air at ten thousand feet.

I picked up my copy of Arkham City yesterday, put it on my shelf, and then left it behind to bounce across the country. It really felt like I was bouncing anyway. The wind and rain made flight conditions so terrible that people actually clapped when the pilot set us down safely. I usually try not to reach the point at which I become excited based on not dying in a burning hunk of wreckage.

Even though it may be some time before either of us gets to play it, both my cohort and I are excited for Arkham City. The original was amazing, and all signs point to awesome on its sequel. This is the comic that we produced as a result of our fervor. I have never personally dressed up for a release event, but I feel with a game such as this there might be certain issues which would require forward planning.