I am now in possession of 4 unbeaten Pokemon games, 5 if you count my copy of Red from all those years ago. Soul Silver is in fact sitting in my 3DS cartridge bay, with a large collection of Pokemon pre-loaded on it.

I actually do intend to transfer them forward before deleting the save file. My girlfriend has called dibs on them, but at least I can breed the non-legends for our shared enjoyment.

I don’t plan on committing myself to Soul Silver anytime soon. I mainly bought it now under the assumption that it would only rise in cost, and because I got a good deal even when compared to the prices online.

Pokemon X is still my most favored of all of the Pokemons. In this case, it really does all come down to graphics. Even by old school RPG standards, the Pokemon series has never been particularly good looking. The move to DS from Game Boy Advance didn’t seem to do much, but with the 3DS I think they finally managed to produce an attractive game.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to play White, White 2 and Soul Silver at some point. I’ve got to have those wonderful Pokemon, and I can’t see a 3D Totodile without beating 2 out of 3 of those games at least