I stayed with our web designer and super friend Dan over the weekend in upstate New York. It was a good start to my homeland trek, but the launch of the Wii U remained on my mind. On a gift shopping run through the mall, we also noticed a swarm of Twilight fans intent on seeing the latest terrible movie. We stayed well clear of them for obvious reasons.

We snuck over to K-Mart early Sunday morning to see what they’re situation for the Wii U would be like. There were only two people waiting for a system. Our hopes were high because we’d been told the day before that the store received three systems.

It was a lie. There were exactly two systems. We did not get a Wii U. Oh well.

We were not terribly upset, since we only waited for about an hour. If we’d been willing to sit at the mall for four hours, we would have had first dibs at the systems at Best Buy, but we had shit to do.

I’ll figure out a way to get a Wii U at some point in the near future so that I can share my impressions with you. As always, keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for updates.

Hit the comments below to share your stories from the Wii U launch and system launches past. As always, see you on Thursday.