There isn’t really a persistent universe that governs our characters in Smashing Avatar. The characters subsist in the same plane when it is convenient for the humor we attempt. Most of the time it is very convenient to have them in close proximity. The implication that they live together or nearby to each other is quite useful. We also take a backhand swipe at Duke Nukem Forever here. Don’t try to read too much into that. That Duke was terrible isn’t the main point. It is just an easy target.

One last time I will recommend that you head over to Kotaku and vote for Smashing Avatar to be their newest featured Sunday comic. Voting ends sometime today. I’m not sure exactly when the polls close, so you had best get over there right now. Tell your friends.

I’m still up in San Francisco learning things about heaps and web toolkits and other shit you don’t care about. If this was a food blog, I would have an overabundance of information to share with you. I will say that Ryoko’s has the best damn sushi I have ever tasted. It is quite possibly the tastiest food I have had in my life. I have extremely strong feelings on this subject. Love is not an adequate term to describe my devotion to this place. If I still had a soul to sell, I would give it to them in the hopes that it would fuel some deep magic that would keep the restaurant open forever. That was also a programming reference nobody probably understood.

As I was saying, being in San Francisco, I am bereft of all of my consoles save my 3DS. All I have been able to do on my 3DS is play through Star Fox a few more times. It’s fun, but not particularly interesting. I wish I were home with my PS3, because I am intrigued by the concept of downloading a few PS2 games. I still have my Odin Sphere disc, but I never finished the game and hope that the digital version will provoke me into playing it some more. It remains to be seen if they fix the slow down problem with some of the bosses. Hopefully I will have a stronger resolve to get past the part with the nearly unbeatable monsters this time around.

I write this on a Macbook. Half of the comics are scripted or outlined on my iPhone. Almost all of my meals this week were chosen using apps on the same iPhone. That wonderful sushi I never would have found without it. How my life would be without the toil of Steve Jobs, I have no idea. This seems a terribly inadequate means of thanking him, but it’s all I have. Here’s to you sir.