I watched the trailer for Transformers, but I’m still not convinced that it was really Grimlock. It looked bad-ass, but knowing Michael Bay, he probably will screw it up somehow.

My guess is that the he will unveil a second half twist in which we find out that the dinobot was actually Shia Labouef in a T-Rex shaped mech suit all along.

Or maybe Grimlock will be like Devastator was in the second movie: A giant mash of garbage that doesn’t even talk or act like a Transformer. Just a giant, ugly, super powered fan to blow the humans and idiot comedy relief robots around for a while.

Or, even worse, maybe Grimlock will just be a bad guy and die. That would be a tragedy for his character. Either way, I’m not totally optimistic regarding the outcome. We’ll just have to wait and see how bad it is.