Seeing as how the big man brings you free stuff, I do not think that you could begrudge him a turn with the cool gifts he got you. For this reason, I would never ask him to bring me a paramour, as in the songs. It would get awkward. You did what with Santa Claus? No. You can leave now. I don’t want you anymore.

Visits home are great, especially on holidays, but they still seem to always take far too long. I want to see my family, but I am simultaneously dying to be back in LA, for reasons that have less to do with the city itself than the people in it. I also want to be in Boston and New Hampshire at some point, but time is at a premium. I cannot win.

I do not anticipate receiving any games this Christmas. I own and have played most every game of consequence from the past year that I have any interest in playing. I have written about most of them here, so you can probably tell me if I missed anything. It might make me difficult to shop for, but I hope my family knows me well enough to find interesting items of which I am unaware. I did not send out a wish list because I am sincerely hoping to be surprised. To me, Christmas is more about the unexpected. I want things that I do not know that I want. If I knew I wanted something, I would probably go out and get it myself. I suppose that I am not one to talk, as I have yet to complete my shopping and have not a single clue what I am going to purchase.

Still, the exchanging of gifts from lists boils down to transferring of monetary values, and at that point you may as well give each other cash and buy gifts for yourself. How boring would that be? If it really is the thought that counts, then wish lists count for absolutely nothing.