The box art for Batman Arkham City is pretty hideous. Some consumer baiting is to be expected when your game is widely regarded as the best in its year, but there has to be a line. You can barely see the name of the game. Considering this, we can only imagine what some of the less worth products might do for attention.

Every so often a deluge of violent acts occur that are somehow related, however remotely, to video games. This week there were at least two. Kotaku faithfully reports on them, but I’m not sure if it’s better that we know about them, or worse since it in a way acknowledges the validity of video game’s involvement. Maybe if we ignore them they’ll just go away.

The forthcoming New Super Mario Bros game on 3DS isn’t exactly surprising. The original game was incredibly successful, and the 3DS needs that. I would prefer a Wii sequel, since the 4 player mayhem of the Wii version made the game infinitely more enjoyable, but I will make due with playing alone in the corner for now.

I’m sure the next console version will come to the Wii U. The tech demo version I played at E3 was exactly as amazing as expected. I have no doubt that it will result in a fully operational Mario adventure.