The saga continues. You’ll notice that we’ve introduced the new character that I promised. This little lady will have a large role in the escalation of the story. You’ll see on Monday.

I’ve found that Journey really is all about beauty and emotion. The beautiful views are only a part of it. The story is set by the changing tone and colors, shifts from light to dark, and scorching desert to frigid mountain. There is no dialog or colorful characters. There are no significantly challenging puzzles or obstacles. The absence of these elements leaves us free to feel a part of the world and ponder at length our role in it. Journey is more of an experience or a work of art than a game. I only wish it was a little longer, especially for a game with little apparent replay value.

On a side note, PAX East is coming up soon, and we will be there. My goal is to spend more time on the floor and playing games than in panels this year. We’ll probably still watch Jerry and Mike make their strip though. I always like to get a look at their creative process, and learn something new every time. I’m not aware of many other separate artist and writer pairs in comics that don’t involve superheroes in tights.

If you will be at PAX East as well, let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We’d be happy to meet you.