Do I need to talk about it here when the comic already contains my rant? Nintendo’s handhelds have always been top of the market, but nearly every early iteration has suffered some massive defect. This time that defect is more insidious. We hardly realize the problem until we see them attempt to resolve it with duct tape and glue. The 3DS renders and displays three dimensional images, but lacks the second slidepad necessary for proper control. It is perfectly reasonable for games like Super Mario 3D, Zelda OoT 3D, and Star Fox 64 3D which lock the view most of the time. They were bound to find developers wanting to create experiences that require the additional control though. It’s true that the peripheral is associated with a 3rd party game, but it is already being discussed as supported for several other games. The likelihood of a 3DS Mark II is strong, but we foresee quite a different future.

It’s really not a big deal though. When they release games like Star Fox 64 3D, I’m willing to forgive these indiscretions. I haven’t had a lot of time with it, but I can say without equivocation that it is at least better than Star Fox Command. The one slidepad functions much better than the touch screen for flight control. I tried the gyroscope controls a little, but suffers the same problem as Zelda. Given the large gross movement required, it is difficult to keep focused on the 3D while moving the system around. If you turn off the 3D, it works decently, but still not as well as the normal slidepad controls.

The Tokyo Game Show also had a few games make appearances. Final Fantasy Type 0 still looks fantastic. Super Mario 3D Land now has its proper name. We tried it at PAX, where it came with another new level. It really feels like classic Mario expanded to 3D in a way the 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy did not quite. I think the fixed camera has something to do with this, but I don’t mind either. The Kid Icarus delay does not bother me as long as they fix its prejudice against left handed people. It is one of those games that needs the second slidepad I suppose. The Fire Emblem announcement has not been covered with as much fanfare, but it is a big deal for the system nonetheless.

Maybe I should be more excited
about the Vita, but ports of Metal Gear Solid games, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy X, and Street Fighter X Tekken, don’t thrill me. Early 3DS releases have a similar problem (with Zelda and Star Fox), but Nintendo is finally rectifying that. Uncharted remains a strong contender for the system though. It would be difficult to skip any game in that series. Either way, Sony has a lot of time to add a few more games to its docket.