It’s a strange conversation, but a topic I felt important to resolve. It generally being a nickname for Richard, Dick is actually more a name a man might apply to himself. I am at a loss as to why someone would do this. I suppose it’s possible that they were born before the word became ambiguous, or maybe they just have a fascination with their genitalia. More important is which really did come first. I researched it a little to try to get to the bottom of this, but it was entirely fruitless. The origins of the various uses of the word “Dick” are not known on any internet that I found.

Finally back in the presence of my PS3 this week, I grabbed my copy of Uncharted 3 from GameStop (with poster by Mike Krahulik). The entire series so far has been fantastic, so the third entry is something I have been looking forward to as a matter of course. When I watched the trailer in 3D, I knew it would be something really special. However, 2 minutes of pre-rendered 3D action is an entirely different experience from several hours of wandering, puzzle solving, and gun fighting.

My first attempt to play in 3D left my eyes exhausted after only half an hour, most of which was spent watching cut scenes. It is immediately evident that the game intends to make good use of 3D, so I want to keep going with it, but I still question a technology which forces me to slow down playing a game. In my second session with the game, I dialed the 3D effect down a little, but I didn’t really notice the difference. I was able to keep going for something like an hour before my eyes began to feel strained, during which I made reasonable progress.

Uncharted 3 continues the tradition of the series of games that plays like a movie. The depth of the characters, both old and new, is striking, and their interaction brings them to life in a manner yet to be seen in previous entries in the series. It’s also funny as hell. That said, it has not been flawless so far. I had a slight problem with clipping at a few points. Particularly when Sully decided to stand in front of a ladder I was supposed to climb and ended up backing up and into the wall. The bug was odd and broke the immersion for a second, but it seems to be an isolated incident so far. Ryan noticed Drake’s hands clipping through a ledge at one point, but it wasn’t something that I would have even seen had he not pointed it out.