When Halfbrick’s representative showed me Fruit Ninja Kinect at E3 this year I had to temper my ninja skills of destruction. The last thing I wanted to do was accidentally injure the developer’s employee. Once the game enters the home arena, however, such considerations are thrown out the window that already was smashed while playing Fruit Ninja Kinect.

Some retailers are offering the 3DS for the lower $170 price point a little early. Meaning people who grab a discounted system and register it can get the 20 free games as well. Some early adopters see this as a slight against their loyalty. Really though, they can have their cake and eat it to if they want. It is not like I expected to get free games when I payed $250 for the system. If you are really feeling down about your 3DS purchase, check out Kotaku’s improved PR video for the program. It ought to at least make you smile.

I said I wasn’t going to talk about DAoC here anymore. Well I lied. We drew another tortured soul into our ranks in the hopes of building a larger fighting force for the endgame RvR which is our ultimate goal. It has been my long dream to have a solid eight man group to roll with and we are getting closer to accomplishing that. Well we have four. That is something.

Crafting is a time and money sink, but somehow The Dan and I have found ourselves pursuing Spellcrafting and Alchemy each. In the end it’s preferable to begging for help from strangers or prostrating ourselves before a guild in order to endear ourselves with their crafting specialists. It requires minimal attention besides, which allows us to focus on other endeavors simultaneously. As a result, it is hardly even as soul crushing as I recall.