There’s something in the Boy Scout motto about being prepared. It’s been a long time since I was a part of that organization, but I’m still pretty sure that this is not what they had in mind. Everyone has their fall back scenario though. In our case, that scenario is the comic we produce on the day we simply are unable to generate anything of significant value. The most likely reality, however is actually that we would end up a zombie comic. We could make one of those in our sleep.

Oh right! This is our 50th comic. It seems like an important thing to mention, even if I don’t find it to be the grandest achievement. It was an inevitable occurrence. Provided that we continue to make comics, we ought to eventually hit numerous other milestones. We won’t be faltering in that task in the foreseeable future.

Netflix has made holiday special viewing a much more dynamic experience. There might be some gaps in their collection, but streaming content still covers a wide gamut. It is finally growing beyond the point of necessitating the use of the disc mailing service. For normal holiday specials, it is still easier to pop in a DVD from my collection, but with Netflix, I can find special episodes from numerous TV shows as well.

The only trick to it is recognizing the episodes, which are not always named “A Very Merry Christmas”. The shows are more dependably recognized by chronological order. Most of the time, the holiday episode is somewhere just before the middle of a season. It’s not a perfect formula, but it generally works.

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