Alternate Title: Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Sold Your Sister.

We have probably made more comics about children than most men without kids of their own. This goes back almost to the beginning when we met the most awesome child ever while charging our handhelds at PAX. There was also that one comic before that with the bees, but it was more about how we are probably terrible people.

I’ve started to wonder if Michelle’s position as school teacher and Amy’s newly minted twin nieces may give the impression that we ascribe to the stereotype of women as caregivers. This is not at the case. If anything, it is that the type of comedic archetypes that Mike and Ryan fall under make for terrible childcare, so it wouldn’t make sense to put them in that position in the long term.

As for having Mike or Ryan have nieces or nephews, I am hesitant to introduce their family at all. We did a comic with Mike’s mom a while back, and that is about as far as I think we’ll go. I don’t want people to assume that any family of those characters are modeled after our own family members. I also don’t want to be constricted from making comedic choices about a character because they represent real a real person, who has feelings and a life.

Pure fiction is much more convenient.