Hey all! Due to… uh… things that are out of our control, I, RYAN, SHALL POST AND BLOG TODAY! Our story continues with our new lady’s actions possibly destroying the local gaming store. Go her!

In personal gaming news, I’m still hanging out in the Mass Effect world. I’m in another play through but I think I’m really just killing time until the new ending(s) is/are available. Go Bioware. 3DS-wise I haven’t been playing much of anything since Mario Kart. But I was thinking about picking up Kid Icarus because, you know, as a right handed person the game was MADE FOR ME. Right, Mike? Eh? RIGHT-POWER! RIGHT-POWER!

Mike usually has a lot to say and I’m really not too sure about how he’s able to fill so much space here. This whole “words” and “writing” thing is like a whole new world to me. So… uh…


Words, words, words, yadda yadda, yadda yadda.