Today is a special occasion. You might have noticed that it is not Monday or Thursday. Bonus update! It was exactly one year ago today that we posted our first Smashing Avatar comic strip.

We also just celebrated 100 strips, but that’s what happens when you update twice a week for 50 weeks. Two weeks later we’re somewhere around 104, for you Mathematicians out there.

You may also have noticed that the font in today’s comic is different. This is part of our endless march of progress. This is an all upper case font. It’s more old school comic-like, and we feel it better suits our style of strip, and our new website.

Much has changed in one year, but our mission is still the same: Make you guys laugh. Everything we do in the next year will be to that end. I already went into detail on our plans for the future on Thursday, so I won’t say much more. Only that we are very excited for what is to come, and we think you will be too.

As always we love your feedback. It keeps us warm at night. Please leave it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, our Contact Page, or under our doorstep.