I finally got the new noise canceling headset I wanted, but I won’t discuss it until I’ve had a chance to try it with my PS3. It came with everything I expected in the box, so that’s nice.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Kotaku’s deals section lately. They have a pretty comprehensive gaming and gadget savings guide going. The post for todayhas two things that interest me: A physical controller adapter for iPhone (at $50 not too bad) and a multi-USB wall outlet adapter ($10).

The iPhone controller would be great for old school games, but the only one I currently possess on my iPhone is Sonic, and I don’t have any compulsion to spend $50 so I can play it. If I can find some more classic platformers that attract me, I might take the plunge.

But a $10 multi device power adapter, on the other hand, is really a no brainer. Four ports is perfect for two cell phones, a tablet, and whatever other usb device I happen to be carrying around so that I don’t need both a cable and wall adapter for each. I’m in.