The conversation took place, as many do, on Twitter. My final response was actually that I had written a comic and sent it along in an email. This is the greatest weapon in my arsenal.

I returned to Dark Age of Camelot this weekend on a free shard known as Uthgard in the company of my other long time cohort. Uthgard is a classic server, so it forgoes all of the expansions and additions that in some ways diluted the magic of the original game. RvR is the number one goal of our stay there so we have each chosen a class well suited to that end. Leveling is slow, but I don’t mind it as much as I did the endless epic raids included in each of the expansions. It’s nice to not be tempted.

San Diego Comic Con is coming up faster than I had imagined. In two short weeks we will be headed down to San Diego to our first time at the event. I have an idea about what we will be doing down there to be sure, but our plans for the show are less certain. We won’t be in any specific place this year. Unless you know us personally (which you might actually), you won’t know even if you walk right into one of us. We’ll make more solid plans in the future.