When several people told me that they would be dressing up as zombies for Halloween, I had immediate concerns. You have heard of the boy who cried “Wolf”, yes? This falls into a similar category. If you find it strange that most of the characters in this strip are not dressed in costume, ask Ryan. I just assume that they have not yet gotten dressed. We didn’t go into that level of detail when we discussed the strip design.

I am now securely situated at Old School Apps HQ, so named because Dan lives here , and OSA is a project I worked on with/for him. It is also for the tube TV to my left with NES, SNES, Dreamcast, N64, and PS2 all hooked up to it. We’ll be spending the week playing classic games and not-so-classic games on a myriad of systems. Who knows! Maybe we’ll play the game of Mahopac, the Monopoly rip-off/homage featuring businesses from our much despised hometown. I wonder if half of those places even exist anymore.

Speaking of our hometown, I was down there for my bi-annual visitation for most of the last week. I rushed to put this trip together before the nice moderate Fall weather gave way to frigid Winter, and I was certain that aiming for pre-November would be sufficient. Oh how little I knew. A freak storm dropped nearly a foot of snow on my little town. I fled upstate like a coward (a flight which was already planned for that day I assure you), but I understand that most of the area down there is still without power. I at least got my fill of snow for the year. Now I can return to the west coast satisfied of my experience with the elements.

We’re going down to Pastime today to reap the benefit of Halloween discounts. If you live in the Albany area, you should head down to their Scotia store and put on a costume for $1.99 DVDs. And candy. I hear they’ll have candy too.