I don’t have anything against Ewoks per say, but their movies were terrible. With Lucas no longer in complete control of the Star Wars franchise, I’m feeling a lot better about its chances. I can’t think of anything he did to the brand in the last 20 years that wasn’t a travesty. Right now only the Clone Wars cartoon comes to mind, and maybe the decision to allow novelists to work with the 20 years or so following the original movies. I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

I am genuinely concerned about how the age of the original actors will affect the new movies. They recast Obi Wan Kenobi for the prequels though, and that wasn’t a complete disaster. I found it more believable that Ewan McGregor was Sir Alec Guinness than that any of the people playing original characters were who they said they were.

I’m just not certain I like how it will work in the reverse direction with 4 important characters, but I don’t think they can use the original actors either. They made a fourth Indiana Jones with an aging Harrison Ford, and the “look how old he is” jokes were incredibly aggravating. Worse, they brought in Shia LaBeouf, presumably to inject young blood into the franchise, which made Ford look even older. And it was Shia LaBeouf.

I can’t handle that in Star Wars, so I hope they recast and/or keep the characters out of central roles.