I bet the unlikely comic in which the guys successfully convince the girls to follow their plan would get a massive positive response from the Reddit sector. But then the taint would never leave our website. Out damn spot!

Speaking of persistent bad press, that idiot Paul from Ocean Marketing dove under a bus when he antagonized one of the most powerful consumer advocates in gaming. You should read the original Penny Arcade post now if you haven’t. It is extremely entertaining. This man’s ego is matched only by Mike Krahulik’s capacity to utterly destroy him on the Internet. Watch careful for the slimy moment when Paul realizes that he fucked with the wrong person and attempts to grease his way out of it. It is very special.

Penny Arcade is a website that can inadvertently hurt even the people that they like. A single link can result in server crushing traffic. Ironically, the resonance of this event created a traffic vacuum that nearly knocked over Penny Arcade itself. They recovered, while Ocean Marketing seems to be destined for failure. The sad part is, the people in Ocean Marketing, most likely including Paul, will probably adopt a new moniker, maintaining the same clients and products, and business will continue as usual.

These people do not answer to consumers in the end. They are the shadow-born puppet masters that control the way consumers view game media from a safe position behind the publishers and developers. Bad press may hurt them in the short run, but when is the last time you bought a game based on the marketing team that represented it.

One last thing. You’ll notice that none of the game review outlets deem to jump in on the conversation, except to casually defend Paul’s douchery after the fact. That is because review sites like Kotaku are dependent on the marketing groups to procure early copies of games and hardware to fuel their content. While it helps to get free stuff, a webcomic does not need that to stay afloat. Humor has a different sort of power.