Oh 90s television, what haven’t you given us? The iconic line from The Pretender is engraved in my memory. If you don’t remember, then you should go watch the show. Sadly, it is not available on Netflix’s streaming service, so envelopes and postmarks will be involved. I hate waiting. Those obstacles are essentially insurmountable at the moment.

I also wasn’t as lucky as to find a YouTube video to reference. This will at least prove that the line exists. Are you satiated, Internet?

Are you watching the Olympics? With the constant stream of information out of the webs, there is little enough need to actually watch. There are videos everywhere, and blogs pointing out the most noteworthy events. You can read about it and seek out a video clip long before NBC’s 7 hour delay coverage arrives in the US.

The fencing debacle caught my eye, and instigated my ire. People often are reduced to tears after losing competition of any level, but it seems patently wrong to force them to remain on the competition floor while sobbing uncontrollably.

By all accounts she had every right to be upset, besides just from spending years training from that one moment. Everyone seems to agree that the clock should have expired, but rules the same ones that kept her on the floor in front of the audience for an hour, provide no recourse for a timing issue. I think perhaps it is time for an update.