I have a little insight on today’s comic for you. It has zombies. The dream was a real one, or at least so I am told. Some people would call it a nightmare, but to those of us who know the joy of mowing down hordes of zombies, it is true bliss. The girl at our side is just icing on the giant mutant undead cake.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has occupied the better part of the week for both my cohort and myself. I love the 3D, but it is a bit tough on my eyes. I find myself constantly adjusting the slider, creating a sort of amorphous 2D/3D world. There are times when the scenery and action really call for it and other times when the benefit does not match the cost. I don’t feel the need to watch Link roam a simple field in 3D. The touch screen menu really does make item use and switching more comfortable. I am just about to start the reviled Water Temple and I can already see the touch screen will make life much easier when dealing with those vexing boots.

We took a break from the our respective Zelda marathons to pop in Kirby’s Epic Yarn this afternoon. It’s such a clever and stylish game, I cannot believe I didn’t grab it sooner. The co-op is a lot of fun if you don’t get too invested in obtaining consistent gold medals. Unlike New Super Mario Bros Wii, Kirby is completely non-competitive and your teammate can destroy your chances of success. The fifth time your partner drops all of your gems into oblivion, controllers will probably start flying. Despite my early failures, we eventually managed to pull together a few gold medal levels. For a game that is read as though from a children’s book, it is somehow consistently hilarious. At times I think we found a bit too much amusement in the silliness of the string contraptions. I won’t get into too many details, but a level involving hoses and spraying water everywhere had us in hysterics for longer than I’d care to admit. And don’t even get me started on “Cake Land”.

In case you haven’t read the introductory blog post, New Smashing Avatar comics will be posted here twice each week on Monday and Thursday. Come back next Monday for another comic!