A real person actually has Free Falling played for people who call them. I experienced this. It seems strange and yet courteous. Why shouldn’t every object we use sound pleasant all the time? Perhaps my air conditioner should play a quiet tune in place of its normal hum as it chills my apartment. Admittedly this might become even more irritating, particularly if one did not like Tom Petty. Also, for those who have a propensity for singing along in any situation, it might lead to problems. I have recently rediscovered Rock Band as an outlet for these tendencies, so I should be safe for some time.

The news of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair being announced for PSN is welcome enough. I did not find particular joy in the game, but that might be a result of having acquired it long after its Live Arcade release when most online random parties had Mad Axe Men who butchered every foe before I could properly start exploring the area. The added local multiplayer will help immensely, since it as ever is easier to demand a friend’s presence in my apartment than that they spend 10 to 15 dollars on a game they may not like.

PAX Prime kicks off on Friday and we are beyond excitement. There are precious few days of the year which can be given over entirely to video games, let alone an entire weekend.