There is plenty to talk about with regards to Diablo 3. I mean besides the odd decision of putting your friends in a place called “The Cellar of the Damned”.

If you haven’t started playing it yet, you have at least saved yourself some aggravation. Connectivity to the servers required to play even single player mode has been less than satisfactory. We were kicked out of our game several times yesterday, and I’m not going to even get into launch night. I’ll just say “Error 37”. It’s a thing. Not good. Get it together Blizzard.

The always online DRM (Digital Rights Management) does have some advantage besides keeping Blizzard’s property safe from the evil pirates. In doing away with private server multiplayer, they have actually made joining in with your friends (i.e. The people who make the game actually fun) a lot easier. You’re already playing on, so just click on that friends list, click on someone’s name, they get an invite, drop in, and get to the killing. There’s no fuss whatsoever. Not even in getting caught up to your location. They just click on your banner and BAM! Instant teleportation.

As for the game itself. They made a lot of other improvements. Mainly, they took out a lot of the bullshit. Gold is automatically picked up at a certain distance. Anyone who played Diablo 2 remembers that they eventually gave up grabbing gold because it was a huge waste of time and a pain in the ass to click on. Mana potions are gone. Each class has its own way of managing magic power, none of which requires stocking up on potions to chug every 30 seconds. You don’t have to collect identify or town portal scrolls anymore either. These are just timed actions now. Healing potions of similar types stack automatically.

See? No more bullshit.

So if you haven’t started playing Diablo 3 yet, I recommend you get on that. If you can get onto that is.