The office candy machine can be a generous benefactor or a stingy bastard. I have at least heard of people receiving extra snacks, most of the time through thievery. In my college dorm, delinquent students would tilt the machine until it started to dispense random goodies. I found it hard to begrudge these bandits their free snacks when most of the time the device steals from its paying customers. There is something about stealing from a thief that makes moral considerations difficult.

Nintendo made some announcement regarding a Wii redesign they will be releasing in Europe followed by an immediate denial of the implication that we would see this version of the product in the other hemisphere. Regardless of whether or not this statement is a lie, the introduction of the new Wii gives a clear indication of the priorities of the gaming company. Backward compatibility may well be on its way out as a concept entirely. Having been a relatively new concept, it suffered a quick death. After five years of an extended console life cycle, old generation games are antiquated to the point that few enough people care about being able to play them. The box shown in the Kotaku article is also labeled “Family Edition”, which could be called a re-marketing, except that the Wii has always been billed as the “Family Friendly System.” They just put the words on the box now.

I mentioned on Monday that a few specific games give me a strong inclination towards buying a PSP. I did not mention that the imminent arrival of the Vita (next year being quite soon in game system terms) should give anyone pause before investing in a dying system. You might claim to not be interested in a Vita at all, but have you seen the latest Uncharted trailer? You may want to look at that before writing off the Vita altogether.