One of our heroes. The intellectual.

He has a fairly stark and serious view of the world. Often over-thinks situations. Overconfident in his barely mediocre martial abilities, but has actual skill with technology.

Occupation: Something to do with computers.

Mike of Smashing Avatar


Our other hero. The enthusiast.

Easily excited about anything and everything. Generally more keen on self interest. No knowledge of sports activities whatsoever. Mild disposition towards action and adventure.

Occupation: It’s uncertain what he does, or if even he knows.

Ryan of Smashing Avatar


The neighborhood girl.

Probably the only positive influence in this place. Tolerates the others as much as anyone will.

Occupation: Grade School Teacher

Michelle of Smashing Avatar


The closest to a villain that we have at the moment.

Enjoys stealing and breaking things, but has no particular preference on what she steals or breaks. Considers evil to be a team sport, and tries to involve the others in her schemes.

Occupation: Career Criminal

Amy of Smashing Avatar


A small creature of no particular myth, because nobody really knows exactly what she is.

We presume her gender, based on the pink bow on her head and her generally sweet disposition, but that could all be a ruse. Ryan calls her Ellie, but that probably isn’t her true name, if she even has one. She has been known to eradicate small villages when provoked.

Occupation: Intense Cuteness Followed By Burning Death

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