Below is an archive of Smashing Avatar’s past comics.


| 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 |
Jan 3Clueless
Jan 7Straight To The Point
Jan 10Key Observations
Jan 14Its Chief Purpose
Jan 17Mind Tricks
Jan 21The (Other) Girl Next Door
Jan 24Evasive Action
Jan 28Time To Buzz The Tower
Jan 31Join The Dark Side
Feb 4An Unbelievable Play
Feb 7Spin-Off Showdown
Feb 11The Real Taste
Feb 14Love Is All Around
Feb 18“C” Is For Cookie
Feb 21According Respect
Feb 25Misty Eyed
Feb 28Gifts From Space
Mar 4Working The Crowd
Mar 7Occupational Hazard
Mar 11You Will Catch Your Death
Mar 14Dead Outside
Mar 18The Softer Side
Mar 21Deft Deflection
Mar 25Entering Limbo
Mar 28Banned For Life
Apr 1Thought Police
Apr 4Shock And Ahhh!
Apr 8Reasonable Options
Apr 11Beyond Good And Evil
Apr 15The Opposite Direction
Apr 18Critical Improvements
Apr 22Sweet New Tricks
Apr 25Serious Business
Apr 29Cultural Awareness
May 2A Principled Stand
May 6Smash Withdrawal
May 9A Warm Sensation
May 13Riding The Wave
May 16The Bros Choice
May 20A Special Order
May 23Their Favorite Pastime
May 27Just Keep On Running
May 30A Means Of Escape
Jun 3You Are Not Excused
Jun 6Adventures In Babysitting
Jun 10The More You Know
Jun 13Good Idea, Bad Idea
Jun 17Back To The Present
Jun 20Great Power, No Responsibility
Jun 24Two Wonderful Years
Jun 27The Holy Trilogy
Jul 1Guess Who
Jul 4Displays Of Affection
Jul 8Don’t Be That Guy
Jul 11Bigger Is Better
Jul 15Public Image Problems
Jul 18This Means War
Jul 22Of Cats And Birds
Jul 25Playing With Fire
Jul 29No Backsies
Aug 1He Started It
Aug 5Mutant Man Candy
Aug 8No Pets Allowed
Aug 12On The Case
Aug 15Investigative Prowess
Aug 19Justice Is Blind
Aug 22Creature Of Interest
Aug 26Inappropriate Use Of Force
Aug 29Let Her Eat Cake
Sep 2Needs More D’s
Sep 5Fairness By Force
Sep 9Totally Worth The Risk
Sep 12The Next Level
Sep 16Wizard Wars
Sep 19Basic Language Skills
Sep 23Not Coming Back
Sep 26An Offer He Can’t Refuse
Sep 30Get In Line
Oct 3The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Oct 7Heavy Lifting
Oct 10Again And Again
Oct 14The Pokémon Identity
Oct 17The Order Of The Lollipop
Oct 21Making The Rounds
Oct 24Tiny Trojan Horses
Oct 28The Meaning Of Halloween
Oct 31Trick And Treats
Nov 4Forced Obsolescence
Nov 7Righteous Anger
Nov 11All Boozed Out
Nov 14It Happens Every Generation
Nov 18No Tomorrow
Nov 21Our Best Strip Yet
Nov 25No Free Lunch
Nov 28Thanks For Giving
Dec 2The Joy Limitations
Dec 5The Munchies
Dec 9No Happy Ending
Dec 12Naughtier Every Year
Dec 16Clever Girl
Dec 19Secret Santa Surprise
Dec 23The Ambush Before Christmas
Dec 26Happy Returns
Dec 31The Only Way To End A Year