Below is an archive of Smashing Avatar’s past comics.


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Jan 2Extra Sweetness
Jan 5Southpaw Supremacy
Jan 9Really, Really Old And Wrinkly
Jan 12Developed In Pairs
Jan 16More Than Ominous
Jan 19Sexy Vision
Jan 23The Perfect Time To Panic
Jan 26INeverGetLost
Jan 30And Bears, Oh My
Feb 2The Incredible Resolution
Feb 6The Other Side
Feb 9Higher Learning
Feb 13A Very Special Gift
Feb 16Ineffective Decisions
Feb 20Yummy Surprise
Feb 23False Accusations
Feb 27Exclamations
Mar 1Unintentional Vandalism
Mar 5I Heart Mass Effect
Mar 8Exaggerated Assault
Mar 12What Really Happened
Mar 15Service Refused
Mar 19Artistic License
Mar 22Escalation
Mar 26Not Quite Disturbing
Mar 29Falling For Her
Apr 2Action And Reaction
Apr 5Smashed
Apr 9And Extremely Dangerous
Apr 12The Fugitives
Apr 16Returning To The Scene
Apr 19Brash Language
Apr 23Proper Arrangements
Apr 26Attractive Artwork
Apr 30The Consolation Prize
May 3The Worst Avenger
May 7Aggressive Bargaining
May 10Dr. Feed Bad
May 14New Sensitivity
May 17A Domain Of Evil
May 21Huddle Up
May 24Inevitable Lessons
May 28It Was Riveting
May 31The Biggest Bully
Jun 4A Successful Experiment
Jun 7Newish Things
Jun 11Down To Earth
Jun 14Taking Possession
Jun 18Creepy Cosplay
Jun 21Well Played
Jun 23A Year On Fire
Jun 25What A Gamer Wants
Jun 28Unhappy Ending
Jul 2An Unruly Audience
Jul 5The Grand Finale
Jul 9The New Model
Jul 12Overly Protective
Jul 16In Abundance
Jul 19No Way Out
Jul 23It’s Getting Dark
Jul 26Local Trouble
Jul 30So Many Memories
Aug 2A Poor Substitute
Aug 6Surprisingly Compact
Aug 9Prepare To Be Drilled
Aug 13Lacking Qualification
Aug 16Intense Scrutiny
Aug 20To The Bitter End
Aug 23Occupy Mushroom Kingdom
Aug 27The Right Touch
Aug 30Social Values
Sep 4Unintentional Side Effects
Sep 6Fast And Forlorn
Sep 10Beardedness
Sep 13Financial Planning
Sep 17Friday Night Lights Out
Sep 20What An Angel
Sep 24Designated Drinker
Sep 27Out Damned Spot
Oct 1Credentials
Oct 4The Upside
Oct 8Potential Infestation
Oct 11Things We Learned From Pokemon
Oct 15A Night Of True Horror
Oct 18Increasingly Ominous
Oct 22Steven King, Eat Your Heart Out
Oct 25It’s A Secret To Everybody
Oct 29Any Minute Meow
Oct 31Where The Devil Lies
Nov 5A Recurring Nightmare
Nov 8Still Too Early
Nov 12Hiding The Shame
Nov 15Shivering And Shrinking
Nov 19Carried Away
Nov 22The Stuffing
Nov 26Grand Theft Pie
Nov 29Driving The Point Home
Dec 3Get Used To It
Dec 6Unforgivable Offense
Dec 10The Joy Ultimatum
Dec 13I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas
Dec 17Santa’s Little Ho HoHo
Dec 20A Time For Giving
Dec 24Milk And Cookies Surprise
Dec 27Keeping The Spirit
Dec 31The Eighth Day Is New Years