Below is an archive of Smashing Avatar’s past comics.


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Jun 23A Perfect Scenario
Jun 27Fair Treatment Of Duplicates
Jun 30Maybe He Should Have Consulted A Physician
Jul 4Jubilations
Jul 7Riding The Bone Dragon
Jul 11A Timeless Stratagem
Jul 14Evil Is Easy
Jul 18Twisted Reality
Jul 21It’s Just Silly
Jul 25From Comic Con, With Love
Jul 28Don’t Ruin The Moment
Aug 1Mobile Battlestation
Aug 4Might Want To Check Under Your Seat
Aug 8I Don’t Actually Care Either Way
Aug 11An Epic Confrontation
Aug 15Ping. And Also Pong.
Aug 18A Dire Warning
Aug 22A Little Off Key
Aug 25Deus Ex Avarice
Aug 29They Made The Right Choice
Sep 1Deus EXterminator
Sep 5Paximus Prime
Sep 8The Long Way Home
Sep 12The Wisdom Of A Child
Sep 15An Unholy Abomination
Sep 19Wouldn’t Want To Wake The Neighbors
Sep 22RejectedXOvers
Sep 26The Importance Of Setting
Sep 29Rayne’s Next Betrayal
Oct 3Where They All Went
Oct 6But He Will Anyway
Oct 10Not Strictly PC
Oct 13The Replacement
Oct 17This Is Not Double Dash
Oct 20Conflicting Capes And Cowls
Oct 24Extreme Drying Power
Oct 27Ten To Fifteen Years Without Bail
Oct 31A Shell Of Her Former Self
Nov 3Toil And Trouble
Nov 7Too Damn Early For This
Nov 10An Unfortunate Pseudonym
Nov 14Where It Really Came From
Nov 17Chinatown Wars
Nov 21The Stuff Of Villainy
Nov 24The Last Thanksgiving
Nov 28Link And The Three Bears
Dec 1The Wrong Audience
Dec 5More Than You Can Afford
Dec 8Far Too Obvious
Dec 12Always Be Prepared
Dec 15Just Adorable
Dec 19Toy Shop Madness
Dec 22Better Than Milk And Cookies
Dec 26The Gift Of Deceit
Dec 29A Provocative Resolution