Below is an archive of Smashing Avatar’s past comics.


| 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 |
Jan 2Sweet Teeth
Jan 6Tricksy Hobbitses
Jan 13A Banner Year
Jan 16Stay Cuddly Charmander
Jan 20Get Fit Or Die Trying
Jan 23Breaking The Seal
Jan 27In The Flesh
Jan 30High Speed Download
Feb 3Better Than Riding A Unicorn
Feb 6His Entire Life Savings
Feb 10He Forgot The Cream Filling
Feb 13Even Odds
Feb 17Starcrossed Voyagers
Feb 20Pretty Uncomfortable
Feb 24Rejection Of The Jedi
Feb 27All You Need
Mar 3Night Runners
Mar 6More Than Meets The Eye
Mar 10Saving Time
Mar 13Not A Good Sign
Mar 17Irish Heroes
Mar 21Carrying On
Mar 24Proper Equipment
Mar 27Tis But A Scratch
Mar 31Affordable Care
Apr 3Abandoned
Apr 7A Wonderful New Friend
Apr 10Job Well Done
Apr 14Everything Is Okay
Apr 17Lost And Found
Apr 21Reach For The Sky
Apr 23All You Need
Apr 25Catch Them All Or Die Trying
Apr 28Entering Candy Land
May 3A Tingling Sensation
May 5Revenge Of The Fifth
May 8Much Better Than Flowers
May 12You Dim Sum You Lose Some
May 16Pearls Of Steel
May 19The True Purpose Of Legos
May 23Odd Woman Out
May 26Opening Night
May 29Dead Man’s Shift
Jun 2Paternal Instinct
Jun 6Kids Of Future Past
Jun 9Fresh To Death
Jun 13Rewarding The Faithful
Jun 18Any Time, Any Place
Jun 19The Tasty Choice
Jun 23The Female Enigma
Jun 26Name That Transformer
Jun 30Making A Monster
Jul 3You Can’t Handle The Cookie
Jul 8Secret Sailor Senshi
Jul 10The Future Of Gaming
Jul 15Gotta Download ‘Em All
Jul 17Too Cute To Handle
Jul 21No Fuss Clean In Ten Seconds Or Less
Jul 24Keep Clean And Carry On
Jul 28Extremely Effective
Aug 1That’s What She Said
Aug 5Bob And Weave
Aug 7Nowhere To Hide
Aug 11I Choose You
Aug 14Agility
Aug 19Claws Of Steel
Aug 23A Grim Future