The arc of comics which we have come to know in the Smashing Avatar office as the “Joy” series continues on Thursday. An alternate title for today’s comic was “The Joy Retribution”. The alternate title for last Thursday’s comic was “The Joy Identity”. Obviously we are a menace to society.

I have only one other thing to talk about and quickly. Having finished the first two games in the series, I am now playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and you’d think I’d have gotten bored with freerunning and assassinations, but I haven’t. The gameplay is slightly repetitive, but there has been enough innovation in the course of the series to keep me interested, even over a short period of time.

The insane volume of sidequests and unlockables in each game might be part of it, but could also be the variety of ways in which you can complete the assassinations. My favorite so far were dragging a guard into a well, and poisoning the corrupt doctor.

It is also probably the intriguing historical context of each story. I find myself dying to know more about this fictional history. It is very well thought out, and covers a massive span in time when you consider the hidden puzzles.

And I love Kristen Bell.