We’re turning it up to 11 now. If you were wondering what the violent crash was in the last strip, wonder no longer.

I finally finished Borderlands 2, and it left me feeling quite satisfied. The writers successfully created some dramatic tension in a genre which is usually lacking in that department. It also continued to manage to be funny and awesome right up until the end.

It does have the “Oh look, more sequels” moment, which is not unwelcome in this case. Considering that they took 3 years between the first two games, I don’t think they are in danger of falling into the yearly sequel trap like Call of Duty, or every sport game in current existence.

I like the extra story afforded by the side quests and Echo Recording collection, but it is extremely time consuming to experience all of the bonus content. I haven’t used an FAQ yet, but I am sorely tempted, as I don’t see the point in combing every map for every obscure secret. I’m feeling even more unenthusiastic about the second play-through and optional uber-boss, the latter of which will apparently require a team of 4 to beat. Maybe later. Right now I have other shit to do.

Making comics for your enjoyment is at the top of the list.