Trying a new doctor can be something of a roll of the dice. I’d had a string of good luck on the in different areas in the Northeast, but in California…not so much. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places. Anyway…on to more important things.

I started playing Starhawk yesterday, but so far only the single player mode. It’s a tad more complicated than your normal shooter, what with the addition of building structures and Robotech style fighter/mech battles. All of this is fun and exciting, but I’m apprehensive about subjecting myself to the multiplayer arenas. Since that is apparently the key feature of the game, I’ll have to take the plunge soon.

The single player campaign does give a reasonably helpful overview of the non-traditional gameplay elements. It will be helpful to at least know why I’m getting beaten when I join the multiplayer massacre.

Game anniversaries are becoming commonplace, since popular gaming itself is reaching 20-25 years of age. Now Wolfenstein 3D is getting it’s honor. I would say that making it free on a web browser beats anything Nintendo has done with their Marios and Zeldas so far.

The only problem is, I’m not sure classic FPS games hold up as well as other genres. The last time I tried to play an old FPS game was Medal of Honor: Underground on the PSN classics. 5 minutes in I had a giant headache and I haven’t looked at it since.

I remember the mazes of corridors in Wolfenstein, and the constant walking into walls trying to find the way forward or secret passages. I’m not sure I want to go back there.