As promised, I’ve brought you this Saturday morning blog post to supplement my somewhat weak, fever induced, Thursday post. I’m still coughing up a storm, but I can at least think straight enough to pin down a few topics for discussion. In addition, I mean to start posting a blog here every Saturday. This does not mean you will start to see a Saturday comic soon, but anything can happen. We’ll be sure to let you know if it does.

I finally grabbed a copy of X-Men Destiny and logged a few hours this afternoon. So far the mutant powers are neat looking, but nothing spectacular. The path I picked is very heavy on the melee side. My character lacks any long range abilities. I think it highlights the main difference between this and other Action RPGs like the X-Men Legends series, that they only allow you control of one character. And it leads to problems. I mow down hundreds of enemies with ease, but queue up a guy with a flamethrower and I’m toast. I think this will be solved later in the game with equipped offensive abilities, but at the moment those are nowhere to be found. Combat is still lots of fun. Costumes, utility abilities, and defensive abilities all add some variety and collectible aspect to the play.

I also spent some time with the Zelda Four Swords download on my 3DS, but I only really discovered that finding a random game to join is impossible late on a Friday night and the single player mode works very much in the same way as Four Swords Adventure for GameCube did. In this case, playing alone is not nearly as much fun as playing with friends so I am shelving the game until I can sit down with a few friends to indulge in the multiplayer.

I saw the title of Kotaku’s preview for Batman: Arkham City and immediately recognized the trouble. Whether or not information shown to the press in a demo could possibly be considered a spoiler or the headline conveys too much information, the whole thing is still a train wreck in slow motion. So I stopped, got some popcorn, and hit the comments to watch it all go down.

I know any comments section is a terrible wasteland where writers go to be torn to shreds, but man. It was brutal. Then Owen Good went back and poked the angry bear some more (If you don’t want to know what the headline contained, then don’t click that link and for good measure unplug your Internet connection altogether). 1up has an almost identical article, which also got blasted in its comments. Supposedly Destructoid ran a less sensational headline, but I couldn’t track it down as of this writing.

The title itself constitutes a sort of blackmail. It forces you to read the article’s details further to determine why the information is not spoiling. While the publication benefits from this, it really has its root with the game’s publisher. They want you to freak out about this information, because it means you are paying attention to their game. In essence, it’s an ingenious publicity stunt.  It’s just amazing that they were able to redirect the entirety of the backlash to the journalists. Well done.