Some webcomics start simply and without fanfare. An artist decides to start drawing one day and puts the results up on the Internet and that’s it. With a collaboration project between a writer and an artist like this one, some coordination and setup is required. We wanted to start this shit up like rock stars with fireworks, explosions and sky writing. Too bad you couldn’t see all of that stuff. It was awesome.

But really this is still a webcomic, so instead I’ll just say “Hi”. Welcome to Smashing Avatar. I am the writer. The main topics here will be Video Games and Geek Culture, but I am going to write about whatever I find funny and hope you find it funny too. That’s how this works as I understand. Anything drawn or in some way colored to resemble the shape of actual objects is the responsibility of Ryan, the artist. We will be working together to bring you a new comic image twice a week, on Monday and Thursday.

If there is something else you want to see, let us know and we will do our best to provide. There are oh so many ways to get in touch with us. Check out our Twitters, Facebook page, comments sections, or just use the old fashioned way and email us.